"How Top Product Managers Create 5 to 20x the Impact Of An Average PM"
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During this free training, you'll discover:

  Why many PMs struggle despite how hard they work  
✓  2 Things Exponential PMs do that Average PMs do not
✓  3 things you can do to multiply your impact
Our clients have come from leading companies such as:
As a Product Management coach I've spoken to hundreds of Product Managers and Product Owners.

And I've invested thousands of hours and thousands of dollars (and £'s, being in London!), on studying and learning from the best. It was very clear to me that there were two types of PMs: Exponential PMs and Average PMs.

And the two types get completely type results.

How are some PMs able to make a big impact, and grow so quickly compared to the average PM?

Why do they appear confident and in control while others flounder?

I found that most PMs take years to connect things together, and many never do. They read a lot, but don’t know how to apply what they’re learning.

They're looking for certifications or paying for training courses that are teaching them the wrong things.

Customers don't care about your certifications.

Ah, but maybe employers do?


No employer that actually knows how to create great products is going to look at certifications.

Or they're paying thousands to go to conferences and seminars and forgetting 95% of what they hear. Absorbing a ton of information isn't helpful if you don't apply it.

Ultimately the value you add is going to be what propels you forward in your product career.

And what results in value? That's what I wanted to find out.

By finding and piecing together the core principles, I want to help you transform your mindset and approach, and make much faster progress.

Being a Product Manager is a fantastic, rewarding role that is going to become even more important over time. And those who excel at it are going to open up a world of opportunity.

The best Product Managers approach their work in a deliberate way.

With this clarity of thought and approach, they accelerate their speed of improvement and their ultimate impact is exponentially greater, because each improvement builds on the previous ones.

Over time, this makes a huge difference to their products, their companies, and their careers.

With this training video, I'm going to pull back the curtain and share with you what I've learnt.

Go ahead and watch it now.
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