Feel like you could be making a much bigger difference as a Product Manager?
Develop the mindset and skills you need to multiply your impact
and become an Exponential Product Manager
Learn a framework and mindset that will multiply your impact
and permanently fast track your growth, with personalised coaching
and a flexible online training program
Clients include PMs from leading companies like:
How do you develop the mindset and skills that multiply your impact as a Product Manager?
Maybe you're doing well in some areas, yet you know that there's a lot left untapped.

Maybe you want to stop being dragged into the details and become more strategic.

Maybe you know that you're missing the guidance and fresh perspective, that will really unlock your potential.

What if there was a way to speed up that long, painful process of becoming a better PM?


• Confidently guiding others and being self-directed
• Clearly communicating your thoughts and influencing others
• Strengthening your product foundation from the ground up
• Evolving into a product leader who makes a real difference
• Having frameworks you can use to maximise your impact
Crafting a process focused on customer and business value
• Receiving coaching and feedback on your specific challenges

The Exponential PM Program
• Self-paced 9-module training course
• Weekly Q&A calls
• Access to a private group
• A focus on insight and transformation over knowledge
• Digestible yet in-depth training
• Actionable worksheets focused on real work
• Skill Mastery Guides
• Tools and Resources
• LinkedIn Certification
As a Product Manager, you are a multiplier.
Anything you do to improve your effectiveness translates into value for yourself AND for your team, company, and customers.
"I wanted to say thanks for the course and the materials and advice. I'm much more confident in what I do now."

- Alexander, Product Director at AdTech company
How are some PMs able to make a big impact, and grow so quickly compared to the average PM?

Why do they appear confident and in control while others flounder?

While the best PMs differ on details, they share the same core principles in how they think and work.

Most PMs take years to connect things together, and many never do. They read a lot, but don’t know how to apply what they’re learning.

By piecing together the core principles, I want to help you transform your mindset and approach, and make much faster progress.

Being a Product Manager is a fantastic, rewarding role that is going to become even more important over time. And those who excel at it are going to open up a world of opportunity.
"That was very intense and extremely valuable for me. I never even thought about [whether this program was the right choice]. I extremely value your coaching. You meet a need for me - this combination of Product Management and personal growth. They are both very important topics… it’s a great combination of that"

- Peter, Product Consultant
I’ve created the Exponential PM training course to help 
smart, ambitious but frustrated PMs to grow faster and start fulfilling their potential.
The best Product Managers approach their work in a deliberate way, with a framework based on solid principles to continuously improve themselves and increase their impact.

With this clarity of thought and approach, they accelerate their speed of improvement and their ultimate impact is exponentially greater, because each improvement builds on the previous ones.

Over time, this makes a huge difference to their products, their companies, and their careers.

With this training, I'm looking to share this approach with you.
"What a profound learning. I never thought that way. Now if I think through this, 
it is so true. I am getting a feeling that nothing is impossible"

- Krishna, Product Manager at 'Big 5' Tech Company
Introducing The Exponential PM Program
1: Deepen Your Understanding
How to think about your role with clarity, 
so you can understand how to create value.

•  Defining The Change You're Making
• Understanding Product Management As A System
• Extracting 6 Core Product Principles

2:  Developing Your Mind
How to develop the foundation that will increase
your effectiveness in all aspects of your role.

• Exponential Productivity
• The Path To Exponential Growth
• Designing Your Vehicle For Success

3:  Creating and Delivering Value
How to design the elements of a product process 
that delivers real customer and business impact.

• The PROBE Framework
• End-to-end example of the product process
• The 4 stages of the Product Lifecycle and the key elements of each

4:  Influence & Collaboration
How to influence and collaborate for maximum impact.

• Why soft skills are key
• 5 key relationships that will determine your success
• Principles, Tactics & Tools that you can apply for each relationship

5:  Establishing Purpose
How to define vision and strategy, set goals,
and multiply the impact of the whole team.

• Product Vision
• Product Strategy and the Strategy Roadmap
• Objectives and Goals

6:  Understanding Reality
How to develop a deep understanding of 
the problem space to empower better decisions.

• Why understanding reality is critical
• Key principles to be effective
• Tools and tactics to understand users at a deep level

7:  Identifying Obstacles
How to connect long-term vision with day-to-day work 
by identifying high impact opportunities

• How to capture and extract opportunities
• How to prioritize opportunities
• Design of an effective roadmap
8:  Designing Bets
How to increase the quality of your bets (solution hypotheses)
as well as your understanding of them.

• Ideating on solutions
• Prioritizing and selecting ideas
• Fleshing out ideas
9:  Experimentation
How to tackle risk and explore ideas.

• Identifying your risks
• When to experiment
• Tools and tactics

Weekly Q&A Calls
 • Personalised coaching
Dive into your specific challenges, get feedback and guidance, 
insights and awareness, and discuss actionable steps forward. 

Private Group
 • Ongoing support
Join an intimate community of like-minded, 
ambitious Product people, looking to grow and make a difference.

Bonus: Skill Mastery Guides
 • Actionable guides for key skills
Shorten your learning curve and multiply your impact with guides for Exponential Productivity, User Interviews, Problem Solving, and more 

Ryan, Product Manager at EdTech company

"I wanted to focus my attention on what is important in the day-to-day responsibility of an effective PM and gain clarity to purpose.

I’ve been through several programs before about product management and they were a bit too ideological or delivered at too high of a level to be of value. I was hoping Ethan’s course would be different and I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m happy to say that Ethan’s course is pragmatic, interesting, and has great supplementary material that has helped me focus my attention on what matters in my role.

The biggest impact the program has had on me is the change in my mindset from being a passive observer of my product management experience to an active participant. 

Ethan’s course is well organized with practical and I argue essential advice and even though the program is delivered asynchronously, it makes you feel you’re in the same room with him. The focus I’ve gained from becoming clear on goals and what I want out of the experience makes the process of becoming better an enjoyable one.

It gives you foundations in mindset before you’re presented with the frameworks/tools to use to implement in your day-to-day activities as a product manager. 

This is incredibly important because the world is filled with silver-bullet solutions to problems encountered in career and personal life, the program addresses and gets to the heart of your need to get into good habits and be conscious of how and where you are spending your time to be effective.

The coaching/check-in calls are helpful every week. When you have access to ask questions and learn from others it helps you grow as a person and professional. The Facebook group is also great! You can share what you’re learning and have discussions about what you’re doing and how you can become a better PM.

I definitely recommend Exponential PM to anyone who is looking to become a more effective Product Manager. 

 It is an awesome experience to have help with focusing on the day-to-day things that are important, being intentional about your day, and many more mindset shifts that can help you form good habits to become the best you can be. 

Product management is a tough profession because many companies don’t even know what they’re looking for, they might have been told by someone that they should have product managers, but when you have suggestions and guidance from Ethan who has a proven track record of building and helping others, it makes that gray area much more clear.

Please consider doing the program if you feel stuck, want to go to the next level, or are interested in providing your customers the most value possible."
 Advanced issues found
Daniel, Product Manager at an award-winning lighting software company

Q: Before you decided, what was your main concern about signing up?
"Whether the program was valuable."

Q: What would you say about that concern now?
"It's gone."

"When I took the program I felt like I was Neo being awakened by Morpheus. You take the red pill and you understand everything you were seeing was the Matrix, while not understanding what is the code behind. Ethan was able to help to calm me down and stop thinking about too many things at the same time and focus."
Dimitris, Product & Growth at a VC-backed startup

"I was feeling overwhelmed with having ideas flying around. And the CEO who is also involved, and our team is using our product. So, I was feeling quite uncertain about where this would go basically.

There's like a million possibilities and now you have the time and the question is what do you do?

I wanted a way to say no, which was a big thing. How do you turn down crazy ideas and how do you prioritize?

You can read about clarifying your vision or creating user stories and doing all these methodologies. But I couldn't find one way to put these into practice.

I didn't realize what I was getting. It's not the knowledge, it's more the understanding that you get.

You can read a product management book, but it's the understanding that you get, like what you had, for example, product as a system. 

This kind of mental model. That's what helps more. And that's what I didn't realize existed inside.

That was a concern. 

But I found value, even with the beginning, it was mindblowing even from the first few chapters.

I had seen, for example, the seminars from mind the product, they cost like a thousand, just for one day or something like that. But I was unsure what I would get from those of those that I would be able to apply it. They didn't speak the same way.

I'm using it, I'm suggesting it to other people. You know, the AMPPP model and so on.

Then PROBE I found really interesting. Just the whole idea of how you visualize obstacles and so basically the strategy is the obstacle. And that was really interesting as well.

It's totally different. It gives more depth and understanding of the system, the role."
Keely, Product Manager at security software company

"With no prior experience, I didn't even know where to start. Around the same time, I found Ethan who played a large role in helping me succeed as a PM.

Beforehand, I was very much just all over the place and picking something without a reason to be working on that. And then us as a team, we were just kind of playing guessing games on what features we should do first. And so now I’m able to like go through the process of product management, whether that's PROBE or the system and really think about what our customers need and want and be able to take it through a funnel and strategically decide what should be done next.

I had zero confidence in product management and no foundation whatsoever. So for me, it built my confidence and I now have a foundation where I can continue to learn about product management as a whole and I would also say it's helped my company and my team because if you have a product manager that's all over the place then that helps nobody.

For someone who's just want something easy to, like help them out a little bit, they probably it's probably not for them. It definitely takes a lot of time and effort, but with that being said, for me it was great.

I'd probably add that it also helps you like not just in product management but you as a person, like strategically thinking and then also our mindset and how it works and changing our mindset for the better. I would say that that made a big impact on me as well."
Clay, Product Manager at one of Fast Company's '50 Most Innovative Companies in the World'

"I work on a platform data project. Worked with Ethan last year, and I have such amazing results with simply a different mindset.

I felt uncomfortable in the areas around roles and responsibilities of being a product manager at a growing company. We had a lot of different traffic coming into the product management space and so I really was looking for clarity on what the role was and what I really could do to provide value to my organization. So I think my main objection was that I've seen a lot of other types of training and training in the product management field is often very expensive and it's hard to know what you're going to get.

But after I had the chance to talk with Ethan and see the perspective behind the training, I was more convinced that I'd really find some value here, and it's specifically addressed the problem space rather than just the field as a whole. I found that there was more than I expected. I found that we were going to spend some time really working through the fundamentals and that really helped me understand some of my questions. But then we started a deep dive and discussed different processes that were new and unique. And that was more than I expected to get out of the training.

I'll definitely be more confident in all things product.

If you're hungry, I would recommend it. If you want to grow yourself, I'd recommend it. If you're interested in really diving deep in discovering your own weaknesses.

I think that anybody that takes the time to go through the training is going to really discover as much about themselves as they do about product management and how they can provide value in the product ecosystem. And also as a nerd, I honestly just found them to be a bunch of fun."
What else are you going to get from this course?

• Fundamentals and core principles to guide your decisions

• Tools, resources, and artifacts that help you at work

• Clarity around your role as a PM

• Clear, structured communication

• Ways to work effectively with your team and stakeholders

• Increased self-awareness and empathy

• Coaching to help you apply what you learn, and grow faster

• Increased creativity

• The ability to get out of the tornado and see the big picture

• The ability to solve challenges and push things forward systematically

• An understanding of your key leverage points

• A faster career trajectory

• Confidence instead of self-doubt and imposter syndrome

• The ability to stop firefighting and start adding real value

• Understanding of the hidden blockers to your success

The Exponential PM Program
• Self-paced 9-module training course
• Weekly Q&A calls
• Access to a private group
• A focus on insight and transformation over knowledge
• Digestible yet in-depth training
• Actionable worksheets focused on real work
• Skill Mastery Manuals
• Tools and Resources
• LinkedIn Certification
Questions and concerns

• I've seen a lot of other types of Product Management training, it's very expensive and it's hard to know what you're going to get. How is this different?

Most other PM training focuses on specific technical skills like working with Scrum, creating stories, managing a backlog, prototyping etc, which is important but just table stakes. There is no other training that focuses on empowering you with the mindset and approach that differentiates PMs who make a difference.

• It’s too expensive
Price can only be considered relative to value. If you build confidence, clarity, influence, impact, increase your salary and fast track your career growth, how much is that worth to you? 

The question is what it's costing you to not invest in yourself.

• How much time do I need to commit to it?
The course is designed to take 2-3 hours per week over 9 weeks. However I know how swamped you are as a PM, therefore it’s online and self-paced so you can adapt it to your needs. I recommend a minimum of 1-2 hours per week to maintain momentum and get results.

• It’s not the right time, I’m too busy
Perhaps it isn't. But in many cases people kid themselves when they say that. When will be the right time?

Think of the fable of workers straining to push a square block up a hill while insisting “We don’t have time to attach the wheels!"

• Can't I just learn by reading free content?
I did the same to begin with. It took me years to piece together the material that is in this course. Many people with this mindset forget about the huge opportunity cost in wasted time, energy, and frustration. Investing in yourself is the fastest way to grow.

• Why do I need training?
If you are satisfied with how you are progressing and don’t feel the need to invest to jump to a higher level, then you don't need it.

On the other hand if you feel things need to change and want to get help moving forward, then you can accelerate your growth, which will easily make back your investment

• I have a different question
Reach out to me at ethan@exponentially.io
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